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  • 1 Day, 17 Hours ago That's it, @edfringe is over! BIG THANKS to everyone who came to see my show. Couldn't make it? Come see it on tour -
  • 2 Days, 10 Hours ago What a final night. Possibly the best crowd of the whole run. Big love to everyone who came and listened these past 9 nights xxx @edfringe
  • 2 Days, 11 Hours ago Here we go, final night and final show @edfringe and @ThePleasance... It's been a brilliant run, let's go out with a bang!
  • 2 Days, 11 Hours ago I'm pleased to announce... That nap was a success! I win at naps.
  • 2 Days, 14 Hours ago Power nap time. I've researched it... Apparently, 10-20 mins is awesome for a quick fix, or 90+ minutes for a beast. *sets alarm for 9:15pm
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