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  • 29 Minutes ago LONDON people - Want to come and see me, @russell_kane and @IainDoesJokes record a new TV show tomorrow evening?
  • 1 Hour ago I've recently bought a MacBook Air and I've spent all of today fighting the urge to see if I can butter some toast with it.
  • 2 Hours ago The woman who hosts #SecretEaters deserves an Oscar for her reactions at the beginning when they are claiming to eat only salads and nuts.
  • 2 Hours ago Needless to say, the people in the room next door keep hearing SOMEONE shout 'DIRTY BASTARDS!' in a Northern accent #SecretEaters
  • 2 Hours ago I'm sitting in my hotel room eating a club sandwich, chips, drinking beer and judging the people on #SecretEaters… and it feels AMAZING!
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